North American Organic Brewers Festival 2014
Bayer and Kaufman
NW Biochar Working Group

I have Great Clients! Please visit their web sites, and find out more about what they do.

  • North American Organic Brewers Festival

    The first, and best Organic Brewers festival in North America. I worked with Craig on his web site for his brewery/pub Roots in 2008, and I've been happy to help with the NAOBF web site and promotions team for the past few years. They have a great social media presence, and wonderful festival. We do a lot of work and content updating in the spring and early summer, and we've been optimizing the site for phones and hand held devices - this way people can check the beer list on the fly.

  • Bayer and Kaufman

    Bayer and Kauffman had a smart, well designed web site with a poorly though out color scheme. The old color scheme was a set of neutral browns and blues looked lovely in print, but ws difficult to read in web browsers. I re-wrote their Wordpress theme, changing the color palette of the site to improve readability and reflect the values of of the law firm added a slideshow.

  • The Pacific Northwest Biochar Working Group

    This is a simple Drupal site that I set up for the Working Group on a shoe-string budget. The NW Biochar Working Group is building an industry based around carbon-reductive energy technologies, and using biochar (a form of charcoal from biomass) to add value to our soils, and harvest carbon from the atmosphere. These are straightforward technologies, that they are using in a new way with a variety of positive impacts in the form of rural jobs, reduced contaminants in our waterways, and improved soils.

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